Neck Lift in Portland and Lake OSwego

What is A Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that creates a more defined jawline. With aging, the skin, connective tissue, and muscles loose elasticity and begin to sag.  A neck lift address the extra skin and loose muscle that creates banding and a saggy appearance under the chin (what many patients call a “turkey neck”). Most patients undergo a facelift combined with a necklift to address loose skin and fat that can obscure the jawline and creates what are known as jowls. A neck lift can also benefit younger patients who want to improve the appearance of the area under their chin and create a more chiseled jawline. Neck lifts can have a dramatic improvement on how a patient looks and feels about themselves. 

Facelift & Neck Lift
Facelift & Neck Lift
Neck Lift & Chin Liposuction

Dr. Brian Scott performs neck lift surgery for patients in Lake Oswego, Portland, Seattle, Salem, Hillsboro, Beaverton, West Linn, Vancouver, and the surrounding areas in Oregon and Washington.  Additional before & after photos are available for viewing in-office. 

What is the recovery lIke after a neck lift?

Surgery is performed in our fully accredited surgical suite. Patients will arrive the morning of surgery and leave for home in the early afternoon. In general, a neck lift is not very painful. Most patients use tylenol for pain control but we also provide prescription pain medication in case something stronger is needed. Patients are able to walk around the day of surgery, but we ask them to avoid heavy exercise for two weeks.  

Patients can expect some swelling and bruising in their neck which usually peaks 2-3 days after surgery and then begins to rapidly improve.  

Frequently Asked Questions

A good candidate for a neck lift has a poorly defined jawline, excess fat under their chin, and/or banding in their neck. Patients should be overall healthy without serious heart or lung diseases.  

In general, a neck lift is a safe procedure and most patients heal without issue. However no procedure is completely without risk. Some of the main risks of a neck lift include bleeding (hematoma), infection, scarring, numbness, asymmetry, and nerve injury. Overall, complications are rare and most problems typically resolve completely with time.  

In general, a neck lift is not very painful. Patients can expect a sensation of tightness which improves as the swelling resolves. Most patients use tylenol for pain control but we also provide prescription pain medication in case something stronger is needed. 

They type of incision will vary depending on what type of improvements are needed. In some patients, all of the work can be achieved with a small incision under the chin. In other patients, making an incision around the ear will be needed.  

A neck lift can be performed under twilight anesthesia or with the patient completely asleep

Thread lifts can lead to minor improvements in facial appearance, with results that last about a year. Thread lifts have a complication rate similar to surgery, but lead to less improvement in the signs of aging compared to a neck lift. Thread lifts may also lead to scarring which can make performing a neck lift down the road more risky. For these reasons, Dr. Scott does not recommend or offer thread lifts for his patients. Many medspas and aesthetic providers offer thread lifts because they do not have the training to perform a neck lift, not because they are a replacement for a facelift or neck lift. If they worked well, Dr. Scott would offer them to his patients.

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