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What is Filler?

Filler is a material that is injected into the face to add volume and soften wrinkles. Common targets of filler include lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, defining the jawline, strengthening the chin, filling hollowed temples, and smoothing lines around the mouth and nose.  

What is Filler Made From?

The most commonly used fillers (such as juvedermvolbella, or restylane) are made of hyaluronic acid. This is a material naturally produced by the body that acts to retain water. When it is injected into the skin, it pulls in moisture which acts to restore hydration and add volume.  

Dr. Brian Scott performs filler injections for patients in Lake Oswego, Portland, Seattle, Salem, West Linn, Tualatin, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Vancouver, and the surrounding areas in Oregon and Washington.  Additional before & after photos are available for viewing in-office. 

What is the recovery like after filler?

Your filler appointment will take about 30 minutes. Filler is injected with a very small needle and most patients say it is not very painful. After the procedure, you can expect mild swelling and bruising at the injection sites.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The body naturally degrades fillers made of hyaluronic acid with time. Filler is degraded faster in areas that undergo a lot of movement such as around the mouth and lips. In these locations, filler tends to last about one year. Filler often lasts for multiple years in areas that undergo less movement such as under the eyes and in the cheeks and temples. Hyaluronic acid fillers can also be dissolved by injecting a compound called hyaluronidase, which works to break down fillers.  

Filler is injected with a very small needle and most patients say it is not very painful. Some areas of the body such as the lips are more sensitive and lidocaine will be applied beforehand to minimize discomfort. If you have a low pain threshold, icing the skin before injecting filler can numb it and make the treatment more comfortable. 

The cost of filler depends on how much is needed to give the results your face needs. On average, lip filler costs between $375-750.  The pricing of filler for other parts of the face varies widely and depends on what your face needs. At your filler consultation, Dr. Scott will provide an expert assessment of your facial features and will provide you an estimate of how much filler is needed to achieve your goals.   

Many patients want to improve hollowing under their eyes (tear trough) or camouflage eye bags. Filler can be a powerful tool to improve this area, but it must be done in a careful way by a highly skilled and experienced injector. Dr. Scott frequently sees patients who have long-lasting swelling and irregularities from patients who had under-eye filler injected elsewhere. Some patients who seek under-eye filler may actually be better served by other treatments such as fat grafting, laser skin tightening, PRF injections, or a surgical eyelid lift. Dr. Scott will evaluate you and determine which treatment will help you reach your goals in the safest and most effective way.  

Fat grafting is an alternative to filler that can be used to add volume to the face. A small amount of fat is taken from the abdomen or thighs and is placed in areas such as under the eyes, in the cheeks, or in the temples. Fat grafting is completely natural and can lead to a permanent improvement in the appearance of the face. Dr. Scott can discuss the benefits of filler and fat grafting and help you choose which is best for you.  

Sculptra is a product that is injected under the skin that helps promote collagen growth. Unlike fillers which lead to an immediate volumization, the results of sculptra take a few months to be seen. The increased collagen growth from sculptra lasts for multiple years.  

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